For partners

Description of the Multipass project features for partner projects, game studios and educational institutions.
We have reinvented the user authorization and registration system so that you could earn more!
You can customize the authorization for your project as you like. Choose authorization methods, set the style of windows and buttons, change the order and priority of fields.
One thing you can be sure of for sure! Multipass will protect you and your project from bots and multiaccounting. And it will also give your users additional features of the loyalty program.
All you need is to create your own project!

Live traffic for your project

Multipass will help you organize airdrop, shilling or any other activities for your marketing by organizing a stream of active and live audience.
You will have something to show your investors!

Organization of gaming and educational tournaments with Multipass

The project team will help organize tournaments, attract an audience to them and introduce them to your project.
You will be able to create game mechanics that will increase the attention of participants to your brand. As a result, you will get a high-quality revitalization and scaling of your community.

Smart acquisition of new users

Audience Growth

Connect to Multipass, and you'll be able to attract Game Inn users to your project, increasing your user base.

Networking System

Use the networking system of connected projects with Multipass. Without overpaying for customer acquisition, share marketing offers and audience with partners.

Gamification of access

Gamify the authorization process in your project by gradually collecting more and more data about your customers, expanding or limiting their capabilities.
Multipass opens up new possibilities for your loyalty programs and marketing in general.

Your users are yours to keep, until you want to exchange them

Multipass offers you an open, transparent project networking system where you can find partners from other areas who work with the same target audience but with different goals.
Multipass won't hand over contacts to partners, but it can start a process of exchange of marketing materials between your projects.
Exchange banners and passes, and collaborate with each other. Multipass makes it all easier!

against bots and 

You'll get a free Face ID verification service that can be called up any time you need identity verification.
The unique patented Multipass algorithm works with the user's video stream by analyzing their behavior in the frame.
After passing Face ID, the user unlocks the Advanced Multipass and a tag in NFT, which will be assigned to them without the right to transfer.
Re-creating an account with the same face in the video stream is impossible!

7+ one-click 

Multipass will provide the project users with a flexible authorization system via all kinds of services and protect you from creating multiple accounts.
The number of supported authorization services is constantly increasing and will soon be available for selection in the settings of your authorization widget.

Gamification of access will allow you to get more data if the user does not mind

Gamefi user data collection by gradually implementing the 5 base passports or issuing your own Multipass

KYC in Legendary Multipass

The most secure passport. Issued only to those who complete a full KYC and verify their ID with proof of identity and residence address.
The service is provided through our Sumsub partnership. This NFT passport proves that the user is a real person.
 This passport is relevant for granting access to exclusive airdrops, private investment rounds, financial transactions, and revenue sharing.

You enrich your users database with Multipass

Multipass will help enrich the user data in your WEB2 or WEB3 project.
Adjust your marketing to your customers, create unique offers, become stronger than your competition.

Create your own Multipass

You will be able to create your own Multipass available only to your project users and / or your partners' users.
Sell premium access to your products through your Multipass, make money on integrated sales. Develop your marketing without restrictions, as much as you want.
Unlike the 5 core passports, you can set the price and validity period of your own passport. You can also specify whether it can be transferred to other users or not.

Issue diplomas and certificates

Free certificate and diploma issuance service for your users via the Multipass. Integrate with any learning platform in 30 minutes.
Users can issue NFT educational certificates on the blockchain network they prefer. This data will never be lost.
This service will increase loyalty to your brand, ensure discussions on social media, and make your offer stand out from competitors

General storage of in-game trophies and achievements

Multipass will save data on user achievements in your project and Game Inn projects.
The system also downloads data from the major stores Steam, Epic Games and other partners. It constantly monitors and keeps the data up to date.
For example: with Multipass, users can take their verified gaming experience beyond Steam and Epic Games for the first time, and you get rich statistics for your marketing.

Get branding Multipass for your project

Multipass has White Label function. You can style the authorization system and personal account for your project in 5 minutes.
Your users will log in through a unique URL given to you.