For Users

Lightning-speedidentity verification
If you want to sign up for a DAO or another web service, simply tap a button to let the company verify you without revealing any personal information to them.
You own your data
Users are in full control: user data is safely hidden away from malicious third parties.
Multipass will help you no longer store 1000+ passwords from different services. You don't need them anymore. Authorization in the system takes place via SMS, code to the mail or by the buttons of your other social networks.

Get a flexible profile for authorization in a variety of projects with the click of a button

Get additional passports and NFT passports for authorization in various projects and events.

Manage the settings of the data provided to the projects in which you log in

(service in development)

Save data about your education in NFT on the blockchain network. They will never get lost.

If the school where you are studying is not yet on the list of our partners, just send them a link to this document.
Integration of a new partner takes no more than an hour.

Add all your blockchain wallets to get universal access to WEB 3 projects and confirmation that you are a living person without revealing your identity.

(service in development)

Save your gaming experience in NFT and get the loyalty of WEB 3 projects

Multipass will download all your gaming achievements from Steam and other major stores so that you can choose what you are really proud of.

Get information about all the assets on your wallets and their market value in one place

(service in development)

Exchange project tokens with an inter-network SWAP through a single window

(service in development)
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